Siding Repair

Your home’s siding is crucial to protecting it from the elements and maintaining the value of your home. Because it’s the first line of defense against airborne pathogens and pollutants, it’s often the first to get damaged. Things like water, rot, mildew, insects, and mold can all have a negative impact on your siding that begins to add up fast. Meanwhile, old siding allows air, heat, and cold to escape more easily from your home, increasing your heating/cooling bill!

At Affordable Painting and Power Washing we specialize in keeping your home looking brand new- and this includes siding repair. Our professionals fix up siding to give your home a defensive structure that protects, but also looks good while doing so. We seal, caulk, and paint whatever necessary to ensure that your home looks seamless and has the strongest protection against any future issues. A job done by us means a waterproof home, tight insulation, and easy maintenance for years to come!

Let us help you maintain your investment.