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Our roofs are great at protecting the interior of our home from the elements. But just like anything else, they aren’t invincible and need to be properly maintained every 12-18 months for the best results.

An unmaintained roof has black streaks and bacteria that look unsightly and reduced energy efficiency due to damage (higher cooling costs in summer, higher heating costs in winter). Worst of all, if you’re not maintaining your roof you’re setting yourself up for a high budget repair later down the line.

Stop waiting to repair your roof! Save money and have us restore it!

Affordable Painting & Power Washing provides only the best low pressure soft wash roof cleaning in Georgia and surrounding areas with an experienced crew of professionals who know how to get the job done right.

Our low pressure soft wash ensures that all airborne contaminants that cause oxidation and damage are removed from the roof without damaging any of your shingles. This leaves you with a beautiful roof that glistens during bright days and protects your home interior during the dark days.

Let us help you maintain your investment.

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